Upcoming events

The Distance Design Education Meetups are back and the next series of these will be held fortnightly until December.

Dates and details can be found below and on the shared Calendar. Please note that times will alternate between Atlantic and Pacific timezones (get your local start times from the ics files or shared calendar below).

And, yes! If anyone wants to lead a discussion theme or wants to share their experience, practice, or ideas then please just get in touch (

  • Meetup 09 – 24 November 2020, Atlantic Time | ics file. The topic will be Design Studio Presence, Proximity and Synchronicity, presented by Derek Jones (Open University, UK) and explore emerging ideas of how these factors interact to bring a studio to life. They may also be useful in explaining why some things have been particularly difficult to translate from physical to online settings and vice versa (and could even suggest some responses to this…).
  • Meetup 10 – 8 December 2020, Pacific Time | ics file – Subject TBC.

Past events

See the Meetups page for past events.

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