Learn X Design 2023 Call for Papers – Futures of Design Education

The DRS Education Special Interest Group has announced a Call for Papers for Learn X Design 2023.

The call theme is: Futures of Design Education.

The deadline for full submission is 30 May 2023

Full details of the call can be found here: https://learnxdesign2023.wordpress.com/

From the call:

It was not possible to organise a traditional conference for 2023, hence we have decided to run Learn X Design 2023 as a Call for Papers, focusing on the writing and review process only. Final, accepted submissions will be published as part of the Proceedings of Learn X Design series and archived in the DRS Digital Library.

How to participate: 

Contributions that respond to the overall theme Futures of Design Education are welcome and we also invite you to consider both the sub-themes and types of contribution as follows:


  • Plural modes of knowledge and knowing 
  • Making visible underrepresented peoples, places, and practices of design education 
  • Philosophies of design education and/or purpose(s) of design education
  • Things, objects, materials, spaces and everything in between
  • Approaches, processes, methods and tools in design education
  • Pluriversal futures 
  • Justice and equity 

Types of papers

We welcome a variety of written papers in response to the Call, including:

Full papers (3000 – 6000 words) presenting original research, positioning papers, theoretical reflections, methodological considerations, etc.)

Case Studies (4000 words) that describe how a particular person, group, project, event, or situation has been studied and analysed, including the impact on futures of design education. 

Statements of pedagogy or practice (2000 – 3000 words) outlining a scenario, experience, description, story, a day in the life of…, a design educator.

Conversations (length dependant on case) offering particular insights through written discussions between educators or researchers around some topic, event, debate, etc. 

Letters (1000 – 2000 words) presenting some focused position written to other researchers, future or former selves, the field, etc. as a way of exploring issues in a different way.

Visual Submissions (maximum 2000 words) making use of primarily visual content and structures, including: visual cases; storytelling and narratives; new / developing conceptual frameworks, maps, models.


  • 19 January2023: Call for Submission to LxD 2023 Proceedings
    • January – May: Writing period (4 months)
  • 30 May 2023: Deadline for full submissions
    • June – July: Review period (2 months)
  • 31 July 2023: Notification to authors
    • August – September: Author editing and formatting period
  • 30 September 2023: Deadline for final submissions
    • October: Final review period
  • 31 October: Final author notification
  • November: Publication of proceedings on DRS Archive

Contributors are encouraged to use the proceedings template, which can be downloaded from the Learn X Design 2023 website.

All submissions will be managed using the online conference manager. Details and a link for submission will be available from the Learn X Design 2023 website in due course.

Published by Derek Jones

Derek Jones is a Senior Lecturer in Design at The Open University (UK), part of the OU Design Group, and the Convenor of the DRS Pedagogy SIG. His main research interests are: the pedagogy of design and creativity, embodied cognition in physical and virtual environments, and theories of design knowledge.

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