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You don’t have to do much but we particularly need:

  • Feedback on what you need – we are experts in distance design education but we’re not experts in your contexts and your students’ needs. So please let us know what else we can provide that might help.
  • Ideas for content – questions, problems, situations, any challenges you are facing as a design educator having to change your practice. Please add these to the THE big #DistanceDesignEd FAQ 
  • RecipesWrite a recipe for the blog. if you have an example of something you are doing that’s working then please share it with the community. The recipe format works well here because it’s quick to do and easy to share.
  • Articles – if you have expertise in any area of distance design education then please think about writing an article. Get in touch and we’ll add you to the contributor list.
  • Contribute to (or host) Meetups – if you have and idea for a discussion or something you want to share then please let us know. Or if you want to host a meetup then we can arrange that too.
  • Contribute to our shared Documents:

So please get in touch if you want to get involved, contribute material, suggest a resource, or become an editor

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