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Welcome to Week 5 of #DDE studio. The focus will be on creative and quick prototyping of ideas. The absolute key to this is to just try things and then work on judging them.
[This page is a Virtual Blackboard for the Recipe: The Blackboard studio model.]

  • Monday

    10:00: CHECK IN: Location link

    Your Studio: creative prototyping

    VDS Upload: Prototype 1

  • Tuesday

    Your studio: Select 3 candidate ideas.
    Try using These decision making tools. Note: the resource recommended is explicit; directly related to the chunked activity, and is loated beside it

    14:00: Review: Location link

    VDS Upload: 3 candidate ideas

  • Wednesday

    Your Studio: Review feedback; Feedback prototyping; testing criteria

    Try the following posts for review

    VDS Upload: Prototype feedback; Your workspace

  • Thursday

    Studio: Feedback prototyping

    VDS Upload: Prototype 3

  • Friday

    10:00: Review (client review and feedback) will be here: Location link

    Running order will be posted soon check back here.

    14:00 Feedback session here: Location link

    18:00: DJ’s online Minecraft “I’m an architect and everyone has to build what I say” session, here:

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Your design is Mingin’

Here are the winners of most disgusting workspace – this week the focus is “Utterly imbalanced diets” [use small images to keep this single page easily downloaded] :

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Special Issue and Call for Papers – Alternative Studios: Design Education Changes in 2020

Call for Papers for a Special Issue in Design and Technology Education: An International Journal titled Alternative Studios: Design Education Changes in 2020  Call for abstracts deadline: 28 February 2021 Full paper deadline: 30 April Publication: June or October 2021 (dependant on submissions) Guest Editors: Derek Jones, The Open University (UK) Nicole Lotz, The OpenContinue reading “Special Issue and Call for Papers – Alternative Studios: Design Education Changes in 2020”

Meetup 08: Framing Design Education: A Study of A Non-hierarchical Architectural Design Studio

Jeremy Till had often proclaimed that ‘architecture education is deeply conservative!’ Distance Design Education Meetup 8 sought to expand Till’s claim by questioning the appropriateness of the one-to-one, Master and Apprentice model of desk crits. Numerous design education researchers (Goldschmidt, Webster, and maybe even yourself!) have recognised the shortcomings of such siloed reviews. Yet, littleContinue reading “Meetup 08: Framing Design Education: A Study of A Non-hierarchical Architectural Design Studio”

Meetup 07: Design thinking

Meetup 07 featured Robert O’Toole presenting Warwick University’s move to online and distance learning and, in particular, their use of a suite of online design tools in order to support student needs. The meetup notes are here and you can watch the recording below:


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