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Welcome to Week 5 of #DDE studio. The focus will be on creative and quick prototyping of ideas. The absolute key to this is to just try things and then work on judging them.
[This page is a Virtual Blackboard for the Recipe: The Blackboard studio model.]

  • Monday

    10:00: CHECK IN: Location link

    Your Studio: creative prototyping

    VDS Upload: Prototype 1

  • Tuesday

    Your studio: Select 3 candidate ideas.
    Try using These decision making tools. Note: the resource recommended is explicit; directly related to the chunked activity, and is loated beside it

    14:00: Review: Location link

    VDS Upload: 3 candidate ideas

  • Wednesday

    Your Studio: Review feedback; Feedback prototyping; testing criteria

    Try the following posts for review

    VDS Upload: Prototype feedback; Your workspace

  • Thursday

    Studio: Feedback prototyping

    VDS Upload: Prototype 3

  • Friday

    10:00: Review (client review and feedback) will be here: Location link

    Running order will be posted soon check back here.

    14:00 Feedback session here: Location link

    18:00: DJ’s online Minecraft “I’m an architect and everyone has to build what I say” session, here:

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Your design is Mingin’

Here are the winners of most disgusting workspace – this week the focus is “Utterly imbalanced diets” [use small images to keep this single page easily downloaded] :

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Design Education: Teaching in Crisis 

At the end of 2021 we published the special issue Design Education: Teaching in Crisis in the Journal of Design and Technology Education (DATE). This brought together 16 articles from academics around the world to present articles, case studies and opinion pieces based on their experiences during the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020/21, Over the next…


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