Gone quiet… Academic Call for More Noise!

It’s been a bit quiet over the past couple of weeks (although there have been a couple of nice recipes from @mjleht on One-shot video and @morkelj on Online final design reviews. As well as a great reflection piece from @jamesbrownontheroad : From denial to acceptance: a turning point for design studio in architecture education)

The peace and quiet is partly due to working on a new Guide for Distance Design Education, which aims to support design educators in (re)designing curriculum and courses (as opposed to adapting them quickly and making-do…).

Hopefully that sounds a bit useful and if there are any specific topics or themes you’d like to see in there then let us know (or comment below).

In the meantime we’re asking for help!

  • If anyone wants to host a Meetup to discuss any topic in design education then get in touch (derek.jones@open.ac.uk). SPECIAL OFFER We’ll even do all the boring admin stuff – all you have to do is host the idea and conversation!
  • If you’ve tried something that’s worked (or failed spectacularly!) for you then think about Writing a recipe for the blog. Recipes don’t have to be complicated – even a really short method or learning activity idea is often more useful than a detailed curriculum…
  • Or if you have an opinion (ideally a considered one…) on something or want to write about some other aspect of design education then that would be great too.

So please think about contributing – we’d really like this resource to be even more representative of the wider design education community.

So please Get in touch with any ideas you have and make some noise.

Published by Derek Jones

Derek Jones is a Senior Lecturer in Design at The Open University (UK), part of the OU Design Group, and the Convenor of the DRS Pedagogy SIG. His main research interests are: the pedagogy of design and creativity, embodied cognition in physical and virtual environments, and theories of design knowledge.

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