Gone quiet… Academic Call for More Noise!

It’s been a bit quiet over the past couple of weeks (although there have been a couple of nice recipes from @mjleht on One-shot video and @morkelj on Online final design reviews. As well as a great reflection piece from @jamesbrownontheroad : From denial to acceptance: a turning point for design studio in architecture education) The peaceContinue reading “Gone quiet… Academic Call for More Noise!”

Update 02 (2 April)

Since the last update we’ve been chasing down a few recipes (thank you to everyone who has volunteered a contribution). We also had our first (and hopefully last) Zoombombing, so apologies to everyone who was affected by this. If you are using Zoom semi-publicly, please take some basic precautions. But this won’t stop us meetingContinue reading “Update 02 (2 April)”

Week 1 in #DistanceDesignED

That week went quickly! From starting the blog on Sunday to 4000+ veiws; and from a few quickly typed words on distance design education to holding an online discussion with 75 Design Education academics. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far; judging by the messages we are receiving it is appreciated and useful.Continue reading “Week 1 in #DistanceDesignED”